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General Contractor -  Craig Frame


With over 30 years of experience as a roofing contractor, and doing home remodels, I brought CF Construction here to the Valley in 2003.  Below is a short history of my company.


CF Construction has many years of experience in hail damage and wind repair.  Working with Insurance Companies is our specialty.

​ CF CONSTRUCTION - Doing it right the first time!

After moving my family to Idaho, I established CF Construction in 2003 after many  years as a Roofing Contractor and home remodeler.


I have experience in new construction, real estate and land development. 

My goal is to provide the best customer service, superior quality, great value, all in a professional and quick manner... especially during the winter!


We have roofing down to a science.  We can usuallly roof much faster than our competitors.  This comes from many years of experience and smart planning.  Every member of the crew (6 to 8 workers) is experienced.  We do not just leave one or two installers on a roof with helpers to chip away at the roof.  We show up earlier than our competition and work harder.  This results in less disruption of your week!

We have several experienced roofers on one roof and others that assist and clean up.  This allows us to do normal sized roofs in one or two days where our competitors take three and four days - sometimes longer.


Over the many years of roofing, I have had experience with   thousands of hail and wind claims.  I have worked with all insurance companies and know how the industry works.  We use the same software the insurance companies use to give us the value of the claim.  Please see our "Insurance Process" page for more information.


Click on the button for a partial list of the addresses to jobs we have completed in Eagle.  If you would like several names and phones numbers to ask about our work, I would be happy to supply them to you. 



...the best customer service, superior quiality, great value, all in a professional and quick manner....

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