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Experience matters when it comes to your home and helping you through the insurance process.

We have that experience!  

This is an example of hail damage to a composition roofing shingle.  This is an actual picture from the recent storm.

Bruising eventually opens up a hole in the shingle within a few years.  This is why insurance will pay to have the roof replaced.  This is hard to see from the ground but many roofs have hundreds of these bruises.




The soft metals of your roof can also be damaged.  

Your gutters may have dimples or dents from the hail.  Most insurance companies will replace these also.  Some will only give an "appearance allowance".

Many screens and windows were damaged by the hail also.  Some just have "beading" damage that is easily replaced.  Others, the actual frame is damaged and the entire window will be replaced through insurance proceeds.

Garage doors, metal patio covers and other items were damaged as well.  With a free inspection before the adjuster comes out, we will give you an idea of what we will show the adjuster to make sure you get everything repaired.


QUALITY Workmanship Product Service



I will make it my mission to earn your respect and your referral!


We offer a 10 year workmanship warranty for all roofs... this goes along with and is seperate from the manufacturer's warranty - ranging from 30 years to Lifetime.  

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