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Storm Chasing is a very large and established industry east of the Rockies.  Contracting companies follow hail storms (which happen more often elsewhere) and temporarily open offices and appear to be local.  They may do decent work but often leave as soon as the work starts to wind down and a new storm offers more opportunity, leaving you without a warranty.


More information below.


The first type of company will show up and create a whole new entity or bring the same name from elsewhere.  They spend lots of money to look and act local, but here in Idaho they come across as "flashy" and have professional salesman that many describe as pushy or high pressure.  Their intentions are to make as much money as possible and leave when things slow down.  

The other type will purchase a local roofing company that is struggling or very small in order to appear more established. The same results will often happen.  They eventually move on, either closing down the entity or overwhelming the original owner in warranty work.  


There are legitimate contractors that chase storms and partner with an established and strong local company and help them with the increased work load.  The local company had a long history before and will be around a long time.  To my knowledge, none of those have shown up here in the Boise area.  

Below are links to the state web sites to check a company's history of establishment and it's owners.


Remember, any contractor with a Registration # of 47200 or above, registered AFTER the storm. 


In Idaho, there is NOT a requirement to have a liscense to do construction except in Idaho Falls.  An entity should REGISTER with the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.  This is cheap and easy, so companies can be up and running in a day.  


Click on the links below to check by name or their RCT or RCE# which they must put on all advertising.  This will allow you to see the day they were established and other important information so you can make an informed decision on whom you choose.  BUY IDAHO!

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